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Nestled in the enchanting space between Laguna Beach and the urban landscape of Orange County lies a winery born from a lifelong passion for the art of winemaking. Founded by the award-winning vintner, J.J. Huber, this winery brilliantly infuses a Canadian urban winery ethos into the art of crushing grapes sourced from Napa and Sonoma Valley. What adds to the winery’s distinctiveness is its adoption of Italian winemaking methods and equipment, resulting in an intriguing blend of cultures that consistently yields exceptional wines. These wines proudly earn medals year after year at the OC Fair Commercial Wine competition.

We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you, inviting you to relish our meticulously crafted, award-winning wines while immersing yourself in the sounds of Rock ‘n’ Roll music on our impressive 10-foot screen. It’s a unique wine-tasting experience tucked away in the heart of Laguna Beach, California—a hidden gem within Orange County.

Whether you’re planning a corporate gathering or a private event, seeking a delightful daytime wine tasting, or considering joining our esteemed wine club, we invite you to savor the intricate aromas and flavors of our expressive boutique wines.


J.J. Huber’s journey into the world of winemaking is rooted in his upbringing on a ranch in central Canada. It was there that he developed a profound appreciation for the land and the art of nurturing it, learning invaluable lessons from his father. Seeking new horizons, he ventured west to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where serendipity introduced him to Gianni Seminari, an oenologist and Winemaster hailing from the University of Milan, Italy.

Under Gianni’s expert guidance, J.J. spent two years crushing grapes, honing his skills, and absorbing the rich traditions of Italian winemaking. With newfound expertise and a passion for the craft, J.J. embarked on his own winemaking journey. Employing the Italian winemaking techniques he had acquired, he began sourcing and crushing his own grapes. As he refined his unique winemaking style, accolades and prestigious awards started to pour in, transforming his hobby into a thriving pursuit.

This success led to the establishment of his first winery, in collaboration with his brother, in the Vancouver area in 1993. The Huber family further expanded their winemaking endeavors by building a second winery in 1996. Yet, J.J.’s dreams extended beyond Canadian borders. Inspired by a desire to be closer to the renowned vineyards of California, he set in motion plans to construct a third winery in the enchanting Laguna Canyon, naming it after the picturesque divide that separates the coastal beauty of Laguna Beach from the sprawling landscapes of Orange County.

Continuing his wine science education under the tutelage of UC Davis professor Clark Smith, J.J. Huber’s winemaking style has evolved over the years. Guided by the philosophy that “blending is better,” he has mastered the art of adding intricate layers of complexity to all his wines.

In addition, a longtime friend, John Rider, has become an integral part of our team. John has assumed the roles of winemaker and operations director, contributing his wealth of experience and dedication to our winemaking journey.

Our dedicated Tasting Room Coordinator, Viviana, will extend a warm welcome when you visit our tasting room. She’ll be your guide, introducing you to our winemaking equipment and ensuring you have a seamless start to your wine tasting experience. Beyond this, Viviana adeptly manages corporate and private events, expertly oversees our wine club, handles website and social media marketing, and efficiently manages event contracts. Her multifaceted role ensures that your visit and engagement with us are nothing short of exceptional.

We extend a warm invitation for you to visit our tasting room and personally savor these extraordinary expressive boutique wines.

- J.J. Huber - Winemaker / Sommelier / Owner

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